Raising awareness of mental health with your employees

Having conversations about mental health with your teams and with colleagues isn’t always easy. Often the small things can make a difference – like ‘How are you?’ Follow this link for tips of different ways of helping someone: Time to change Another way to support mental health in the work place is with an EAP […]

One off occupational health referrals for employees

Do you need an ad hoc management referral for an employee returning to work or absent long term? Here at Enlighten we are able to provide one off occupational health referrals via our approved and trusted occupational health supplier. There is also a telephone referral option which is a cost effective solution. For more information on how the service works […]

How Do We Convince Execs That An EAP Is Needed?

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This Is How Bosses Can Make Life Less Stressful For Employees

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Interactive Health Kiosks

New! Interactive health check kiosk which allows employees to self test key indicators of their general health:  weight, body mass index, body fat content, heart rate, blood pressure, hydration and life balance. The check takes about 5 minutes with a print out of the results. Available for Health fairs One day events Short or long […]

Mediation – EAP

Workplace disputes are costly and time consuming.  If not resolved quickly they can escalate and cause more issues. Dispute resolution through the EAP can provide support and advice, quickly resolving the issue. EAP suppliers have dispute resolution advisor’s who are available to guide the manager or staff through a range of interventions helping to find […]

CBT – Employee Assistance Programme

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is also known as CBT.  The Department of Health along with The Mental Health Foundation agree that CBT is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety & stress. Some Employee Assistance Programme providers include CBT in their product package. CBT is a type of talking therapy. It’s a combination of cognitive […]

EAP help prevents long term employee absence

The Department of Work and Pensions estimates that 960,000 UK employees are on sick leave for a month or more each year.  The most common causes of long term absence were either musculoskeletal or mental health issues. The EAP can work with the employee before the issue becomes long term. Occupational Health Referrals can support […]

The Responsibility Deal – employee health

The Public Health Responsibility Deal  is asking organisations to make a significant contribution to improving public health  by working towards various pledges Companies can help tackle the challenges caused by our lifestyle choices. Work Well @ PPC provides a platform to become a Responsibility Deal partner. To register for the responsibility deal follow this link: […]

CBI Absence Report 2013

Some key findings from the 2013 report Employers estimate that around 12% of total sickness absence equal to one day in eight of “sickness” absence is none-genuine Mental health conditions emerge as the single most widespread cause of long-terms absence amongst both manual and non-manual workers Only 5% of employers feel that GPs have sufficient […]